At Lions & Cranes, we are serious about our craft and the quality of our product. But, of course that’s what you would expect to read in a section with the header “QUALITY & CRAFTSMANSHIP ”.

We could talk about how our goods are emblazoned with motifs that originally begin as hand-made linocut prints made right here in the studio, Gothenburg, Sweden.

We could speak of environmental consciousness and how we strive to work in an ethical manner, with locally sourced and carefully chosen material and manufacturers in spite of less costly or more “efficient” channels of production.

Some points we could mention:
– Our dish rags are truly sustainable, made of 100% compostable cellulose and cotton and printed with water based environmental friendly ink.

– The durability of our birch veneer serving trays, produced in Sweden from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified trees

– The tea towels we produce are made of high quality flax and cotton, also printed with eco-friendly ink, and retain their integrity wash after wash.

And of course, we may be amiss were we not to mention to the source of our fascination, the relationship between people and the sea, it’s history so deep it exceeds our full grasp, and yet so rich it provides a seemingly endless amount of material with which to work.

But look, oh we just did.

Check out our online shop and the rest of the site and if you have any questions regarding our process or products, or have a suggestion, please drop us a line.

Lions & Cranes