Coasters Inbound.

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This just in! A little seagull has cruised by dropping of some news:

Fresh batches of Feskarn coasters have left the island of Öland today and are in the back of an old truck bound for Göteborg. All this sun has made us a bit thirsty, so the coaster truck couldn’t get here soon enough.

Our coasters, similar to our assortment of trays, are carefully pressed with birch veneer. The wood is cultivated responsibly from forests in Scandinavia. All of the suppliers are Forest Stewardship Council certified (I know it is a mouthful) – keeping long-term sustainability in mind. The glue, artwork, and other components are protected by an organic compound called Melamine adding durability and safe contact with our kanelbullar.

We are anticipating the coaster delivery to arrive tomorrow – just in time for our afternoon fika. There is a swedish saying that goes like this: “Det ar ingen räkmacka”. This translates to, “It is not a shrimp sandwich”. All in all the saying means it is not easy, but for us, knowing that we can place our coffee cups on a natural surface is all smooth sailing.

Coaster 2